12 Houses in astrology: their meaning by Papus
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12 Houses in astrology: their meaning by Papus

12 Houses in astrology: their meaning 


by Papus 


From the book "The Tarot of the Bohemians


12 astrologicheskih domovIn the 1st house, the structure of a human person is studied, his temperament, character, abilities: good or bad. 


The 2nd house tells us about the material interests of a person: his benefits, profits in any area, his transactions and relationships. 


3rd house studies approximate relationships, craving for short trips, for changing places; relationships between brothers (and sisters) and immediate family. 


The 4th house tells about parents (especially about the father), about heredity. 


The 5th house is directed towards children and assumptions. 


The 6th house tells about the family as a whole, about its internal conflicts and property, illnesses, disputes. 


The 7th house is the house of marriage, as well as the house of enemies, quarrels and ruptures. 


The 8th house gives a rough idea of ​​unexpected acquisitions, sadness, and death: violent or natural. 


The 9th house represents scientific ability, long travel, education, religiosity, and wonderful patronage. 


The 10th house represents the happy or unhappy fate of a person, his social position, his rise or fall. 


The 11th house is the home of Human friends, benefactors, associations and patronage of any kind. 


The 12th house determines tastes, whatever they may be, inherited for life, determines all slander, hidden enemies, victories and defeats. 


"The Tarot of the Bohemians" by Dr. Papus


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