The influence of thoughts and lifestyle on the astral of a person by Dr. Papus
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The influence of thoughts and lifestyle on the astral of a person by Dr. Papus

The influence of thoughts and lifestyle on the astral of a person 


Dr. Papus 


Excerpt from the Lecture "Man and the Universe" 


Before concluding, I must say a few words about the nervous shocks that occur when astral activity in a person proceeds in an abnormal way. This is observed in the absence of a fulcrum of the astral, or when it does not function. Since doctors are not versed in these phenomena, there are always shelters where they hide such a patient. In our opinion, for example, the persecution mania is the result of astral phenomena, and this can always be cured, but not by material methods of treatment, to which patients, called insane, are subjected, and from which society is freed by imprisoning them in a special kind of hospital, but only by really skillful caring for them.


Now let's talk about the influence of lifestyle on the astral. I already told you that the vegetarian regime is very good, but not in an absolute sense, but only in a conditional way. As for the astral regime, this is a purely mental training technique, which is understood as the education of thought. Pythagoras found only one way to protect his students from clogging the astral: he did not allow them to speak for two or three years. Thanks to this, they did not slander their comrades, if they were doctors, their brothers, if they were initiates and their neighbors, if they participated in ordinary everyday life, and their astral plane became bright and pure. It is not possible for us to apply this method, simply because the magazines oblige us to speak out, and I myself serve as vivid proof of this. The best astral education is psychic education. Because of this, good thoughts and Christian deeds are incomparably more valid than vegetarianism.


But I do not want to abuse your patience any longer, and in concluding this lecture, I will remind you that evil thoughts or demons are the products of our personal mistakes; and hallucination is a very real fact arising from the interaction of our spirit with the astral. Do not forget that man is not at all separated from other beings in the universe.


Next time you will understand how connected we are with each other, and why the evil we have done affects not only us, but everything that exists.

Translated by Eric Midnight, 2021

The text was prepared by the Teurgia.Org team, 2021

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